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Vastu Shastra is an ancient Indian science which capitalizes on the concept of prosperity. It links person’s health and happiness directly with layouts and construction of a building. Promoters of Vastu Shastra propagate that it is most authentic and proven advice science. They say that nature consists of 5 basic elements such as energy of planets, air, water, fire and earth. Each carries its own set of dynamics and with vastu one’s home and business can be synchronized. As per promoters of vastu it creates a tremendous impact over all facts of life, i.e., health, life, education, thinking, prosperity, marriage and peace of mind. In fact “Vastu Shastra” is the science of the ancient “Vedic Ages” of India under the guidance of which one can construct building of structures on a particular plot of land. For some people these principles are still relevant today also. As per their belief the science of “Vastu Shastra” controls forces of gravity and magnetic power of the earth. Benefits of Vastu Shastra One often thinks about how Vastu Shastra works and not enough about how they can benefit from the same. Here are some of the biggest benefits derived from Vastu Shastra to become successful:
1. Comfort
2. Inner realization
3. Strength
4. Easy to use
5. Best use of space
6. Good structuring
7. Can enhance one’s personality
8. Enhance relationship with other people
9. Use this for spiritual knowledge

Vastu Tips

Entrance of huge house:

Since the sun rises in the east and is an unbeatable source of energy and light, your house's entrance should be ideally towards the east. In case your entrance is already built in some other direction, you can create a large window towards the east to address this issues.

Bed in the south:

For peaceful sleep, the southwest corner is considered to be most auspicious. So place the bed in the south, east or west corner, but never towards the north. Pick browns and greens to make your bedroom lively and earthy.

The northern corner:

Water elements like washrooms, pools, ponds or even an RO water filtration unit can be placed in the northern corner of your house. This will ensure steady financial growth. If you don’t have a strictly northern corner, go for the northeast corner.

Kitchen location:

Your kitchen should ideally be in the southeast corner, and you should cook while facing east. Also avoid planning your kitchen in front of the main entrance. Take a cue from this beautiful kitchen by the kitchen manufacturers at Kitchen Stori.

Say no to overhead beams:

As per vastu for home construction, exposed ceiling beams can cause depression, arguments and disharmony. So simply avoid them to maintain tranquillity.

Angle for doors:

All doors and especially the entrance door should open at 90 degrees, according to Vastu. This way, positive energy can enter your house effortlessly and generously. Avoid placing anything behind the doors so that there’s no obstruction.

Appropriate bathroom location as per vastu:

As per Vaastu norms the bathroom should always be located in the north or northwest region of the house. It should never in the south, south-west or south-east direction as that can have a negative effect on the health of the home's residents.

Vaastu For Puja Room:

The pooja room must be situated in the northeast direction of the house.Ideally there should be no idols in the pooja room. But if one wants to keep then the height of the idol should be from 9 to 2 inches.The worship rooms should have doors or windows on either north or east side.The colour of the walls should be lighter in shade for eg: white, cream, yellow, light blue.For the worshiping of fire lord the kund must be made in the southwest direction.A pooja room should not be made in a bedroom or a wall or adjacent to a bathroom wall.

North-facing home:

The north direction is dedicated to Kuber, the God of wealth. For north-facing homes to be truly rewarding, the whole house should be Vastu-compliant and the defects should be rectified.

East facing Home:

For an east-facing house, the living room should be placed in the north-east side as is considered auspicious, as per Vastu. Also, make sure that the walls of the north and east side are slightly shorter and thinner than that of the south and west.

West facing home:

Some people also believe that a house in the west direction will have more wealth and prosperity. They will not have foes and will be popular at work and in social situations.West facing homes are supposed to be ideal for people who are politicians, business owners, teachers, and religious leaders.It is also supposed to be good for youngsters as it brings energy and enjoyment.

South facing home :

According to vastu principles, main doors or entrances to a south-facing home must be placed in the centre of a south-facing wall or area. This is so that the energies of the home line up. Entrances towards the left of the middle point are also generally good.