Terms & Conditions

The following Terms and conditions represent the rules and regulations for the use of Nakshedesign.com website. Communication Policy: NaksheDesign.com will require your contact details to us (like your email, Phone number). By providing these details means you agree to receive phone calls, SMS and email by our executives.

Refund Policy: NakhseDeign.com do not entertain refund requests as we take every project seriously and give results as per the requirement of clients. Giving a change option to our client is our way of showing the courtesy.

Local rules and regulations by law: NaksheDesign.com respects the rules and regulations by-law of every country, state, city and municipality, zoning requirements, codes and ordinances. Therefore, you may need to modify the plan to comply with local building requirements. NaksheDesign.com will provide designs by-laws provided by the client. All the responsibility shall lie with the client only.

Delivery Policy: Designs delivered are subjected to:

Timely payments: NaksheDesign.com shall proceed the designing work after successfully receive of payments as per agreed payment terms.

Requirement of a complete information from the client: NaksheDesign.com requires the complete information in the beginning of the project. If there is any incomplete information or scope of project related to service/product then NaksheDesign.com is not responsible for the agreed delivery timeline.